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The fire sprinkler systems we know today date back around 140 years

Sprinklers have been around for more than 140 years and operate on a tried and tested principle – being set off by heat. They have been refined and improved over the decades utilising new materials and scientific design to produce droplets that most effectively extinguish the fire. There is clear evidence that sprinklers work. In fact, the NFCC and the National Fire Sprinkler Network (NFSN) have worked together to investigate the effectiveness and reliability of sprinkler systems. In an independent report carried out by Optimal Economics, thousands of incidents have been analysed to provide detailed and comprehensive analysis of the activation and performance of sprinkler systems used to control fire in buildings. The evidence indicates that sprinkler systems have an operational reliability of 94% and demonstrate, when called to work, that they have a very high reliability.

Furthermore, it is evident that when they do operate that they extinguish or contain the fire on 99% of occasions across a wide range of building types. This is why they are chosen to protect people, buildings and businesses; ensuring continuity and productivity.

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