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Industrial Estate, Shoeburyness, Essex

A large fire has destroyed a polystyrene factory in Shoeburyness (Southend), UK, which started shortly before 11am on 29th July 2019.

About 50 firefighters tackled the large blaze which ripped through the industrial building and quickly consumed the 400 sq m facility in Essex. Plumes of black smoke from the fire could be seen for miles.

It is believed the fire started accidentally by a machine used for cutting polystyrene.

A spokesman said the fierce heat caused the roof of the building to collapse, meaning firefighters had not been able to enter. A platform was used to spray water from above to dampen hotspots within the roof.

Police said no-one was hurt in the fire, and Essex County Fire and Rescue Service advised people living and working nearby to keep doors and windows closed.

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