Business Sprinkler Alliance


Our governance

The BSA’s Board of Directors is made up of experts representing the various organisations and trade associations that have an interest in fire sprinklers and fire protection. The work of the BSA is funded by FM Global, a global business property insurer. FM Global is a mutual insurance company and is committed to creating a greater understanding of physical resilience in business.

The Board of Directors has a clear majority of members who are not from the insurance industry (known as ‘lay members’). This means that the BSA will always remain focused on the protecting the business community from the devastating impacts of fire.

Our aims

  • Deliver robust information and insight into the benefits of fire sprinklers and the critical importance of fire prevention

  • Increase consideration of fire sprinklers with those who design, construct and approve new business buildings

  • Ensure business decision makers appreciate the role that fire sprinklers can play in physical and commercial resilience

  • Continue dialogue with regulators and legislators to review existing evidence and law, support the sprinkler case

  • Drive widespread awareness of fire sprinklers to effect a culture change for their acceptance and adoption.