Ocado Warehouse Fire: Statement from the Business Sprinkler Alliance

The recent fire at the Ocado Warehouse in Andover, Hampshire is clearly a significant and complex one. We understand that an automatic sprinkler system in combination with the fire and rescue service initially contained the fire in the building, which broke out around 2:45am on Tuesday, 5th February. However, the fire escalated late Wednesday afternoon, resulting in substantial damage to the premises.

The investigation to establish exactly what happened will already be underway and we would not wish to speculate on the cause of the fire and firespread until the inquiries have been completed. What is apparent is that the construction and use of commercial buildings is growing increasingly complex. We must ensure that whatever their design, they are well protected from fire.

Iain Cox, BSA Chairman and former Chief Fire Officer at Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Along with our colleagues across the fire safety sector, we extend our best wishes to those members of the fire and rescue service and all those who were affected by the incident.”