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Sprinkler activation saves leisure facility

A multi-occupancy entertainment complex in West Yorkshire was protected by an automatic sprinkler system which suppressed a fire, preventing any further damage and allowing the business to be operational a few days later.

The fire on August 20th at the Gravity Trampoline Park at Xscape Yorkshire involved an electrical appliance which spread to rubber matting. Three crews from the West Yorkshire Fire Rescue Service (WYFRS) attended the fire at the large leisure facility in Castleford, which saw the evacuation of over 200 people. The premises had sprinklers fitted so the fire was contained and no other commercial units were affected. Therefore, what could have been a growing, challenging fire was in fact over quite quickly and was only a minor inconvenience.

Fire is the leading cause of commercial property loss, with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) noting UK businesses with fire property claims of £940 million in 2018. It is why risk-aware businesses understand the importance of physical resilience and recognise the need for effective methods to protect their property. The effective method to do this is through the use of an appropriately designed and installed sprinkler system.

Currently, automatic fire sprinklers are not widely used in the UK because the guidance rarely prescribes their use. Yet automatic fire sprinklers prevent large fires because they activate automatically over a fire, controlling or even extinguishing the blaze before the Fire and Rescue Service arrives. They therefore save lives and protect firefighters who attend incidents – but they also prevent significant damage or destruction of a building by fire.

Image Credit: 2022 Google

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