Map of fires and sprinkler saves

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The organisation would welcome comments or cases of relevant sprinkler saves/fires that have not been included in this map. Please use the contact page to submit your comments and queries.

Important information

This interactive map details sprinkler saves and selected significant unsprinklered fires in industrial and commercial premises since January 2012.

denotes a sprinkler save – this is when a fire starts in a building and one or more sprinkler heads activate to control or extinguish the fire before the FRS arrive

denotes a significant fire – this is when a fire starts in a building that is not protected by sprinklers and the ensuing incident was attended by more than 20 firefighters


You can search for specific information using filters that focus on county, year and building.


The BSA has used media reports to identify significant recorded fires and worked with local FRS representatives to collate the sprinkler saves.