Industry information

Large fires in industrial and commercial properties in the UK occur on a regular basis. Even if a business survives the incident, there will be impacts on trading, profitability and reputation, as well as negative impacts up and down its supply chain and environmental implications.

Businesses are made increasingly aware of the need to deal with the potential disruption from cyber and flood risks. However, at the same time, fire remains the leading cause of commercial property loss. Therefore, resilience to the threat of fire also needs to be seriously considered. Having sprinklers fitted protects businesses in the long run, safeguarding them against potentially disastrous losses, which amount to £2.4m each day across the UK. But this does not include other factors such as disruption to productivity,

There have been over 1,300 industrial and commercial fires recorded that have required the attendance of 40 firefighters or more in the last 5 years*. Over 500 of these fires have caused more than 500 sqm of damage. This pattern has continued in the last 12 months with all of these fires, depicted in the graphic, occurring since the tragic Grenfell tower fire. None of these buildings were protected with sprinklers.

More needs to be done to improve the UK building stock and ensure it is adequately protected so that in the event of a fire, everyone gets out alive and the building remains standing. If you’re interesting in find out more about how sprinklers can help achieve this you can book a place at one of our CPD events or you can email us at to find out more about how you can help us create a resiliant built environment.