Case studies

When a fire broke out overnight in a secondary school in Sheffield, an automatic sprinkler system activated and extinguished it, minimising damage and ensuring students would be able to return to their education with little disruption. Fire engines and firefighters...

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Westfield, Stratford

23 November 2017

An automatic sprinkler system has helped to control and extinguish a fire at one of the UK’s largest shopping centres, helping to minimise damage and ensure it remains...

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Wavin, Chippenham

20 November 2017

When a small fire broke out overnight in a storage area of a major plastics manufacturer in Chippenham, an automatic sprinkler system extinguished the fire, preventing any major...

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Cleone Foods Ltd, Birmingham

27 October 2017

As a small family-run food manufacturing company that prides itself on continuity of supply and guaranteeing deliveries to its customers including national supermarkets, Birmingham-based Cleone Foods must ensure...

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Dowty Propellers, Staverton, Gloucester

5 February 2015

Overview A major fire almost completely destroyed the Dowty Propellers factory in Staverton on Thursday 5 December 2015. Twenty nine staff had to be evacuated from the site and...

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Pure Water

Pure Wafer, Swansea

21 December 2014

Overview An electrical fire broke out at the reclaim facility of Pure Wafer, a silicon chip recycling facility in Swansea on Sunday 21 December 2014. The fire stopped all...

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Real Crisps, Crumlin, Caerphilly

10 January 2014

Overview An arsonist started a fire at this crisp warehouse on 24 September 2012. The fire started in the early hours of the morning and by the time...

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Polestar, Bicester, Oxfordshire

22 June 2013

Overview This printing works and warehouse on an industrial estate near Oxford suffered an accidental fire, which resulted in substantial loss of stock, most notably nearly a quarter...

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Alcohols, Oldbury, Birmingham

21 November 2012

Overview A distillery fire resulted in a total loss, started by the mixing of chemicals at the facility. The blaze included multiple explosions, a large exclusion zone, serious...

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NEY Ireland, Coventry

22 August 2012

Overview A fire started at NEY Ireland’s head office and production facility. The business is a woodwork engineering factory and distributor, service provider and installer of woodworking machines...

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Sony warehouse, Enfield, London

22 August 2011

Overview The Sony Warehouse of Enfield, North London was set alight by arsonists during the London riots of 2011. The entirety of the building’s contents were destroyed. Building...

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