Business Resilience Through Property Protection

Businesses are made increasingly aware of the need to deal with the potential disruption from cyber and flood risks. However at the same time fire remains the leading cause of commercial property loss. Therefore resilience to the threat of fire also needs to be seriously considered. Having sprinklers fitted protects businesses in the long run, safeguarding them against potentially disastrous losses, which amount to £2 . 4m each day across the UK. But this does not include other factors such as disruption to productivity, impact on the supply chain and the effect on the local community. By preventing large fires, they also protect the environment by avoiding CO2 emissions, excess FRS water use and water supply contamination and by preventing buildings from being destroyed by fire. We’ve heard time and again from fire services across the country that sprinklers are instrumental in preventing the spread of fire. The Business Sprinkler Alliance aims to increase the acceptance and use of fire sprinklers in business premises and reduce the financial and economic cost of fires to businesses and UK plc and the environmental and economic impact on local communities. In the future we hope that instead of people asking why they should install sprinklers, they will embrace them as a new and welcome norm

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