Only 15% of new schools built with sprinkler systems

Of the 673 new schools built and open under the government’s flagship school programme, only 105 were fitted with sprinklers.  With hundreds of schools in the UK having a fire each year, this alarming statistic once again only emphasises that...

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An expectation of safety

15 May 2019

Following a report last week by BBC’s Watchdog highlighting the hundreds of new build homes which are a fire risk, we are once again reminded of the dangerous...

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Fire devastates again and again

7 May 2019

Yet again it seems it is the same old story. In the past month several significant fires have been reported across our news channels. Fire is indiscriminate and...

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Singing from the same hymn sheet

18 March 2019

A parliamentary debate on fire safety and sprinkler systems at Westminster Hall earlier this week once again highlighted the consensus of opinion amongst a wealth of experts –...

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Technical review of ADB welcomed by BSA

8 January 2019

By Tom Roche, Secretary of the Business Sprinkler Alliance News of the decision to review the Building Regulations fire safety guidance Approved Document B (ADB) is welcomed by...

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